problem math bessel function

Started by CW December 3, 2004
] Now, are you saying that the expression above is
] E[ exp( 2A cos(th) Re(int r*(t) s(t) dt) ) ] = Io( 2A * Re(int r*(t)
] s(t) dt) ))

This expression appears to be the correct one.

] What i'm getting at is that i don't understand what effect taking the
] Expectation of the above has on the argument of int r*(t) s(t) dt ?
] any?

Taking the expectation with respect to th should have zero effect on
an expression that does not depend on th.

int r*(t) s(t) dt

does not depend on th, so you can treat it effectively like a constant
(for the purpose of expectation with respect to th!).

Peter K.