Need help improve the Freeswitch open-source telephony switch.

Started by mstate November 5, 2015
We would like to sponsor someone to contribute a small bit of
C-programming to the Freeswitch open-source telephony project. 
Specifically, we need help to update beep-detection algorithm used in
mod_avmd module.

Mod_avmd attempts to identify a beep of unknown frequency at the end of a
voicemail message.  The stream being analyzed is an SIP G.711 with an 8K
sample rate and encoded as mu-law.  We are looking to improve the accuracy
of the beep detection while ensuring that the algorithm is CPU-efficient.

The Freeswitch integration has already been done in the mod_avmd.  It only
requires an algorithmic makeover.

You can view the existing algorithm and implementation at:

If you're interested in helping, please contact us at the email below with
a quote and a brief description of how you would solve the problem.

mstate /at/

(I've obfuscated the email a bit.  Hope it's still clear.)

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