How to build a virtual acoustic studio hosted in a website?

Started by Piotr Mancini August 27, 2018
This is a long term question. We are in the process of building an Internet website
that will allow the users to experiment, learn and ask questions about distances,
angles, trajectories, ballistics and sounds related to a very specific event.

This is the website where we plan to host the simulations, data, etc.

Free Open Source 3D Model of Dealey Plaza

That would become the central point for interested users all the way from doctoral
dissertation to high school students to aficionados.

The main objective is obvious: the visual part, mechanics. See frames extracted from
the latest documentary here:

We plan to duplicate that part, except that it will be in an open scientific way,
with all the files being public and top universities (plus leading schools of 3D
design) being invited to participate.

However, many users have expressed their interest to explore aspects within the
realm of acoustics.

The most popular subject of scrutiny is this:
However, we envision that other inquiries could be studied in that platform:

  An ear witnesses located in the 7th floor under the so-called sniper's nest
testified that he heard distinct sounds:

    boom, clink
    boom, click
    boom, clink

If the precise material and structure of that floor can be determined with
precision, is it possible to ascertain the decibel levels of those sounds?. The
rifle in question is well known, a Mannlichter-Carcano Model 91/38.

Our interest is simple: to bring scientific, numerical clarity to that tragic event,
that has confounded and divided this nation and the rest for too long.

That is a tall order, and we are just getting started. For the Acoustics Section,
this is the kind of resources that we are attempting to identify and reach out to:

but Usenet and forum participants are specially welcome.


-Ramon F Herrera
ramon (at)

Just the names of relevant newsgroups, forums, websites would be welcome.

I was pleasantly surprised when, after a long hiatus, I came back and realized that
some of the few technical newsgroup that have survived the www massacre are the
audio, dsp, etc. NGs.

Kudos to you!