tools for processing radio-signals

Started by kristoff January 14, 2022
Hi all,

I do not know if this newsgroup is still alive.

I would like to learn to do "offline" signal-processing on 
radio-signals. E.g. consider that I have a wav-file or an iq-file that 
contains a recording of POCSAG (paging) message.
What tools r python libraries can I use to exact the POCSAG message from it?

I know there are python packages like scipy and numpy which would help 
me a lot.

But are there python packages that help
- find the beginning of the packet in the audio/iq file.
- find the beginning and the end of the sync-pattern
- determine the exact frequency and/or any timing offset of the 

If this would have been a continuous stream, I would have use GNU Radio 
for this.
But I am interested in learning how one would do this with "offline".

Thanks in advance!

Kristoff (on1arf)