Calibrating speakers

Started by Michel Rouzic December 27, 2005
Michel Rouzic wrote:

>>>haha that's right! but i don't have the $100 anyways! (i got cool 50 >>>� Sony headphones anyways) >> >>Sony?!!! You're sooooo grounded!!! :-) > > lol, what does it mean : grounded?
:-) The way I understand it (notice that I'm not a native English speaker either -- I have learned the meaning from observation), it's what parents typically do to children when they do something wrong, or disobedient, or insolent, etc. Being grounded typically involves going to your room and not being allowed to watch TV or to go out to play with your friends, etc.; or in more severe cases, it could involve being asked/forced to stand close to a wall/corner facing the wall. Obviously, I was using it in a humorous way, implying that you had done something so terrible (imagine, using *Sony* headphones!!) that you deserved to be punished... Anyway, enough with the teasing/kidding around... We're already way off-topic for a DSP newsgroup :-) Cheers, Carlos --