RESULT: comp.soft-sys.octave passes 6-0-2

Started by The Big-8 Management Board June 9, 2006
        unmoderated group comp.soft-sys.octave passes 6-0-2

The Big-8 Management Board has voted to create comp.soft-syst.octave.
There were 6 YES votes, 0 NO votes, and 2 abstentions/no-votes.  Voting
began on 08 Jun 2006, and ended on 09 Jun 2006.

This group will be created on 12 Jun 2006.


comp.soft-sys.octave    GNU Octave, language for numerical computations.


Himanshu Singh Chauhan <hs.chauhan@gmail.com>

CHARTER: comp.soft-sys.octave

General GNU Octave questions and its application to specific fields such  
as digital signal processing, digital communications, medical imaging,    
etc., as well as development issues such as bugs, fixes, workarounds,     
etc., in the main Octave kernel as well as developer- and user-supplied   
scripts (.m files) which extend Octave's functionality.                   

The general issues include:

  * Addressing new user queries.
  * Exchange of source code in public domain, especially .m scripts.
  * Addressing the applications of GNU Octave in various fields.

Usage specific in fields like Signal Processing:

  * Exchange of public domain source code to strengthen the signal 
    processing part of GNU Octave.
  * Addressing the beginner to advanced queries regarding various signal 
    processing related function available with GNU Octave, as built-in or 
    as separate packages.

Commercial Postings

Commercial advertising related to Octave from software vendors,           
publishers, etc. will be permitted in a very limited fashion.             
Unwelcome posts                                                                 
Flames and other non-constructive criticism are harmful when directed     
to new readers.  The octave group is meant to be a friendlier place on    
the net for beginners, intermediate, advanced users. Flames and other     
non-constructive criticism aimed at those seeking help are unwelcome.     



2006-06-09    Vote ends; group will be created on 12 Jun 2006.
2006-06-02    Third RFD/last-call-for-comments posted.
2006-05-20    Second RFD submitted; reformatted by Tim Skirvin.
2006-05-18    Added several more newsgroups.
2006-03-15    Reformatted by Tim Skirvin for posting as an RFD.
2006-03-14    Submitted by Himanshu Singh Chauhan.