Multirate for SCRAMBLER

Started by jajo October 15, 2006

I am designing the physical layer for a 802.11 transceiver and now I
have an interesting question for you:

I have noticed that there are different data rates (1,2,5.5 and 11
Mbps) which implies the system has to deal with different clocks. Until
now, I thought that scrambler always works at the same rate but now I
am not sure, what do you think?. If it was necessary to work at
different clock rates in the scrambler: how can I change the rate of
scrambler correctly? (it is possible to change the control clock of
block without consequences?)  when can i do that? (The frame has
preamble, header and data ... and each one has its own rate but the
original bit frame is a block which is introduced in the scrambler ...
which bits is the reference to change the clock of the scrambler?). I
hope you understand my doubt if not I can explain better.