Do MATLAB Component Runtime come with Matlab Engine?

Started by kool_ajith March 5, 2007


I have a MATLAB Component Runtime installation for Matlab v7.2. 
1) I want to know if this installation contains Matlab Engine?
2) Or do I need the complete package that contains Matlab IDE also.
3) In this installation it does not have Matlab.exe.
4) Now I want to use API calls available in Matlab to call 
functions COHERE used to find Coherence and TFE to calculate Transfer
function are needed. These functions are available in the MATLAB SP

The operations required are:
   1) I have to call and/or initialize MATLAB from windows form created
using C#.
   2) Then pass the two array to MATLAB.
   3) Do the calculations in MATLAB.
   3) Get back an output array of samples from MATLAB.
   4) Then use this array for my calculations.

I have heard about some Matlab API's, can any one help me use those from
C#. Like mentioned in this CodeProject article

As mentioned in the article, I am unable to start Matlab engine and also
does not work the

Please Help Me...