How to optimize with QDMA in DM642?

Started by ramaa June 29, 2007
Hi everyone,

I am working in developing AV player in DM642 environment and Using the
QDMA option for moving pixel data between onchip and external memory.The
QDMA deals with now .. 8 bit element size.I had seen some where in the TI
manuals that use of 32 bit element size will lead to code ptimization.But
all is needed to transfer 8 bit pixel data for processing..Then how to
optimize the data transfer?

On finding the CPU usuage , the display shows 100%.IS there any way to
list QDMA's or like chaining two or more QDMA instants and decrease the
processing time? If QDMA can handle only one channel at a time, how can
make use of EDMA with channel chainning?

Kindly someone let me know the possibilities to effectively use QDMA ..

I am not an expert in c64x stuff.It will be of a great help if someone
show me off good start for me to tackle this..

Thanks in advance,