Disabling HPI on C6713

Started by superlou August 13, 2007
I have been working with the GPIO as inputs for some time and have had some
success with this (GPIO 0,2,8-11,13-15 function as input).  I would like to
use some of these pins as output and have not had success through either
manual configuration or using the CSL config functions.  Most of the pins
sit high although a few are low (1,3).  None alter state when using
pinWrite() or Write().

>Problem is now solved. It was that the HPI is multiplexed with the GPIO >and at reset one specific pin (H14) must be pulled down via an external >resistor.
From an old post I think that both the non-functioning inputs and no outputs may be related to HPI multiplexing on the GPIO pins. I found some suggestions that say there is a pin that must be tied low, although from the documentation I found it seems Pin14 on the C6713 HPI Expansion connector is HD2/AFSX1. I don't see any described as HPI enable as one post suggested. I would appreciate it if someone has any suggestions or could steer me towards a more detailed datasheet on the HPI/GPIO. I have not found anything about HPI enabling in the ones with CCS (SPRU584,578). Thanks, Louis