deriving spatial correlation values from angular parameters in SCM

Started by Madhu November 28, 2007

I am researching spatial correlation models.
Most of teh channel models I have dealt with are the so called
'correlation models' that specify a MIMO channel using a correlation
matrix. The correlation matrix is typically provided in the form a
transmit and receive matrix -- the Kronecker product of which gives
the actual correlation matrix.

I have been reading the 3GPP SCM models (25.996) which, loosely put
are based on a sum of sinusoids approach.
Some questions I have are:
1 Is it possible to translate the SCM models into correlation models?
If Yes,

2. Would I have to make some simplifications to SCM to be able achieve

3. How 'computationally tractable' would the conversion it be?

4. Is there any matlab code out there that does something similar?

Based on the reading I have done, these are my thoughts on the above
questions. But I am not making much progress after this, so I thought
I'd sound some of you.
1. Yes.
2. Since SCM has a lot of randomness, some parameters will have to be
fixed to create correlation models.
3. If I am right about the first 2, it looks like the expression for
the correlation would have Bessel functions. That , I am sure can be
pretty ugly to implement.

Any help will be much appreciated.
Please let me know if I need to explain my question better.