echo simulation query using vc++

Started by shah...@yahoo.com July 25, 2005
hi to all
i am working on acoustiv echo cancellation simulation based on vc++ using nlms algorithm.
i got the result but not up to the mark.i had give wavfile wich has reverberation time of 50 ms. i had given pure wave file (without echo) to the filter block,it is estimating properly but not geting result.so can anybody help in that.what should be my filtertaps length? any suggestions are welcomed.

hi sayed,and all
thanx for aprroach.let me clear my question.in nlms algorithm one step is there like,
so in that estimation is satisfactory enoght,eventhough error signal is not stasifactory so what could be the reason and yes i also had done prewhitening but don't know how to make a inverse of that after the process . and another question about num. of filter taps for 50ms reverberation time. any aproach is welcome.