Please read - Looking for teachers of DSP

Started by Webmaster April 27, 2006
I am creating a new discussion group for teachers of signal processing. The
goal is to bring together as many (D)SP teachers as possible so if they
wish, they can exchange all kind of useful information, like for instance
which book(s) they use to teach their class, their favorite web sites,
matlab tutorials, labs, etc.

I am requesting your help today to help me build a list of teachers that I
will contact personally to announce the creation of the discussion group and
invite them to join.

If you know one or several teacher(s) of SP and/or DSP, simply reply to this
message with the info (university, name, email) or even better, use this
simple form I have created:

On this form, you are also very welcomed to follow a link to any EE
university web site and see if you can find who is giving the (digital)
signal processing course. It is often possible to find this info but I must
admit it is a time consuming task and would take me very long to go over the
full list... So if you have a few minutes, just pick a university, visit
their EE section and see if you can find the individual(s) teaching the
(D)SP course(s).

I appreciate your help!


Stephane Boucher