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Started by Keone Medina April 23, 2009
Hi Dhar and to other group members,

the form of the exponential filter is not shown in your post. can you please re-post it again?

and by the way, what should be the gain factor of the rectangular sliding window? I doubt that it is 1.

and lastly, what measurement method must the detector do? is it the RMS method specified in the recommendation?

thanks to you all and have a good day!:)


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> Hello Vinod Prakash,
> I hope you will get some better insight after reading my
> mail..................
> An exponential filter is used to sharpen spectral features; the constant is
> varied to change the filter shape.
> A exponential filter is of the form where is the filter constant and X is
> the array (i.e., data file) whose X range is normalized between 0 and 1.
> As you may note.., In Section, the exponential filter is
> replaced by a rectangular sliding window of the same length.
> The output of the Exponential Filter is then fed to a DETECTOR,( which the
> G.168 Standard specifies as DETECTOR-INDICATOR ).
> I believe the implementation strategy for the DETECTOR should be based on
> the
> THRESHOLD of detection of the SPECTRAL PEAKS obtained from the EXPONENTIAL
> FILTER......;-)
> Dharmendra Lingaiah
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> Hi all,
> In the G.168(2000) standard, under section, level
> measurement device, i am a little confused abt the detector-indicator
> block. How should this be implemented in order to decect the power in
> dBm0??. Also, is the 1-pole exponential filter mentioned in the block
> a unity gain filter??
> thanks in advance,
> Vinod