Setting CAN interface on LF2406A

Started by eman...@gmail.com June 28, 2010
hi to everyone,
i'm trying to set a communication with CAN interface on a LF2406A dsp, but till now it doesn't work.
When i try to transmit a standard data frame, i get an ACK error, bit 3 of error status register is set, transmit error counter is incremented by 8, and the transmitter send an error frame.
The configuration i used is: Mailbox 5 for transmitting the message, Mailbox0 for receiving message, an CANTX pin connected directly to CANRX pin, without using a CAN tranceiver and connecting it to a real CAN bus line.
I've also acquired the transmitted message with an oscilloscope, and this message is correct till the ACK field, where ACK slot bit, transmitted as 1 (recessive) isn't set to 0 (dominant). After this an error frame is transmitted.

my question is: Why i cannot receive the data frame propelrly? and CANRX can't set to 0 the ACK slot bit?


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