FIR or IIR, less hardware?

Started by kian...@yahoo.com December 28, 2007
I want to implement a filter on a Xilinx spartan3-1000 FGPA.
I don’t know which filter is better for me FIR or IIR. What I need is a filter which is:
1-very sharp
2-very low ripple
3-very good phase response: I don't need a 100% linear phase response. I just need the phase response to be as good as magnitude response.
4-less hardware
I can't decide which filter to use because:

1-although it is said for the same magnitude response IIR has less order than fir but if I want about the phase response. If I want the phase response to be as good as magnitude response (and not 100% linear as in FIR filter) then will the order be still much less?

2-IIR filter requires floating-point math. So although IIR has less order, but I fear floating point math implementation of it will actually requires more hardware.

The signal that I receive changes the transmission standard and might store data in amplitude, phase or frequency of the signal. So what I need is a general purpose filter which is good in all aspects (except for the processing time and group delay).

With thanks in advance

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