Digital filters FPGA implementation

Started by grigoriou_i March 5, 2009

I have selected this topic for my dissertation topic and, since I have more of an Informatics background, I need some guidance. My only experience with FPGAs so far is with Celoxica's RC10 board, where I implemented the Haar Discrete Wavelet Transform algorithm using Handel-C. I've made a little research and found these books:

1) Lyons, Understanding Digital Signal Processing
2) Lathi, Signal Processing and Linear Systems
3) Smith, The Scientist's and Engineers guide to DSP

Do you have any recommendations for the basic DSP, digital filtering and FPGA stuff? Also, should I try to implement the project in vhdl or handel-c is enough? Any additional information is more than welcome! Thank you in advance,

Danny G.
Hi, Danny,

I am not aware with the filter design but I can give you some advice.
When it is about advanced DSP and Filter design for FPGA, I would recommend
you the Xilinx System Generator & Accel DSP. They allow you to design in
MATLAB/Simulink using dedicated Xilinx blocks and help you to synthesize the
HDL code - ready to be downloaded into FPGA. There is one more tool in
MATLAB - the FDATool. This tool let you to design and simulate your filter
and generated the '.coe' file for the Xilinx FPGA.

Regards, Yassen