Spartan 3A DSP 3400 CLOCK

Started by flash7gold September 3, 2009
Hello !

I am beginner with FPGA. I started with ISE 11 Web pack and Spartan 3A Dsp 3400.
I try to make some simple projects but i realized that I have problems with clock signals.
At the beginning I used Single DCM_SP from IP CORES to create clock signal named CLOCK. Then I prepared short simple module :

module main_core(XCLK,LED);

input XCLK;
output LED;

assign LED=XCLK;


Using Floorplan Plan Ahead i connected XCLK to pin G20 (GCLK) and LED to W23 PIN which is pin of diode.

Now i dont know how to connect CLOCK signal with pin G20. Maybe i should use somehow file main_core.ucf ???

Please help, me what should i do in order to receive clock signal? How everybody does it, how is normal way to set some clock signals ?

In manual they say something about IDT progammable clock Devices software to generate SVF file , but i can't find it at webpage, and i am not sure if it is necessary.