MPEG-4 video doubts

Started by Manjunath R June 22, 2001
hi friends,
we are working on a MPEG_4 codec simple profile level 3. We have the following

1. In case of SP@L3 for rectangular VOP's, we are not decoding VOP height and
width information as per the standard. Then how are they going to get implied?

2. We know that at our level at the maximum we can have 4 VOP's for each frame.
How are we going to identify the exact no. of VOP's at the decoder ?

3. Vop id's are not going to be decoded for new_prediction_enable = 0. Then how
are we going to identify the vop's.

4. On what basis are the VOP's grouped to form a GVOP?

5. How the VOP information is ordered in the bit stream ? Are we going to get
all the vop's of a single frame continously in the bit stream or are we going to
get information related to single vop in different frames ?

6. For predicting the second and subsequent P - frames are we going to make use
of the previously P frame or the latest I frame ? Then what is the rate at
which I vop's are sent ?

7. Where can we get video tet bit streams for download?


Manjunath R.