Error recovery and concealment

Started by Arvind Raman September 28, 2001
Hi there,
Well I guess the dsp group has been idle for quite
some time, so I thought I would post a nice little
question to u guys so as to keep this group alive.

Well offlate I have been working on error recovery and
concealment on an MPEG - 4 coded video bitstream. I
started off with a 10 ^ (-5) bit error rate (BER) and
slowly graduated to 10 ^ (-4) BER. The error
concealment results I obtained were pretty good and
satisfactory. But when I tried moving towards decoding
a stream affected by 10 ^ (-3) BER my results were
really poor. I would like to know, if its possible to
effectively conceal the errors in a bitstream affected
by a 10 ^ (-3) BER.

I have gone through nearly a hundred paper on the net,
but most of them seem to talk about 5% ATM cell loss.
Could someone alse explain what this 5% ATM cell loss
means and whether there is a formula to convert this
figure in terms of BER.

The way I calculate my BER is as follows. After every
10 ^ (-3) bits I randomly select a byte and change it.
I would appreciate any help / guidance in this regard

Thanks a lot

Arvind Raman