Acquire frame from DVI signal for automatic picture quality inspection.

Started by albe...@gmail.com May 12, 2009
Hi to all you.
I'm working on LCD/Plasma manufacturing on Tijuana, and we want to automate picture quality inspection.

We have a design, this consist on convert LVDS video signal to DVI, then adjust it to a lCD monitor (to display it) using a scan converter (more than 4K USD the scan converter); Get the image on PC using frame grabbers, and compare the image with a reference data using labview vision systems.

This is very expensive and for my thinking does not guarantee quality, principally because our management want to convert DVI signal from scan converter to analog video signal, in order of buy cheapest frame grabbers. Also we will lose resolution.

I have never used DSP's but know a bit of them, i started investigating and in my point of view i can get an image frame of good images, and store it as reference. Then i can get the image data from tested boards and compare them, then decide if its OK. ALso it would be nice to resize the image to the LCD monitor native resolution, and avoid the use of the scan converter, which is so expensive.

So i started to contact possible vendors. I think i will go with Texas Instruments, seems to fit my needs and have nice support.
(sorry for uppercase, I'm not screaming)
- Part number to use. I dont now a lot but i think i will go with DAVINCI. Also a board that includes the DSP would be nice.
- This is very important to me: a book that can help me as guide.

I will try to program a teleconference with Texas instruments on next week, if i have some news i will post them here.
Greetings and thanks to all you.