Generating FFT coefficients

Started by rnjt9 April 22, 2003
i need to generate a generic program in matlab that gives me the
numeric values of the real and imaginary parts of the twiddle factors
used in FFT. I am designing an FFT processor and i need to store the
values of these coefficients in a ROM. I am not very familiar with
MATLAB and hence have been facing many problems with my design.
Say for calculating a 256-point FFT,
the twidle factor would then be=Cos(2*pi*k/N)-i*sin(2*pi*k/N)...
for different values of k and N.
I tried generating them ..but i could only plot the whole
function ..i need to print the individual values of cos(2*pi*k/N) and
sin(2*pi*k/N)..How can i do this?
Any help would be grately appreciated.
Many thanks,