Re: Java Initialization problem with Matlab

Started by Nihal Ahmad August 11, 2003
Hi Phani,
Set MATLAB_JAVA variable to both user variable as well as
system variable(environmental variable in system properties). It should be
set like this...

variable name MATLAB_JAVA
variable value C:\matlabroot\sys\java\jre\win32\jre
where matlabroot is the MATLAB root directory. The value for matlabroot is
different for different version.
Hope you should be able to resolve the problem.

All the best.
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Subject: [matlab] Java Initialization problem with Mathlab >
> Can someone help me with this...
> I have a Windows 2000
> Matlab gives an error while intializing with the
> dialog box
> title "Java Intialization Failed" and the error
> message reads "Check
> MATLAB installation, possible JAVA classpath problem".
> The solution provided by does not seem
> to be working
> for me, because as suggested by mathworks @
> i set the MATLAB_JAVA variable (environmental
> variable in system
> properties) to the path of the JVM.
> I tried setting the MATLAB_JAVA variable to the path
> pointing to
> rt.jar under the JVM installation.
> But the problem continues to exist.
> Please suggest a solution !!
> Thanks
> Krish >
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