Re: UWB Gaussian Polycycles

Started by tayyar guzel March 4, 2004
Hi Divya,

I don't know of any other way to generate gaussian
polycycles, nonetheless, I can tell you how you can
use matlab's built-in functions to generate four
monocycles. Here it is: N ; n= 0:N-1; fc>9; fsE9;

% here is your data, just play with it, see what
data = [1 1 -1 1];

%3GHz UWB Gpolypulses trains in the time domain with
pulse intervals (PRI) of 100nS.
D = [0 1 2 3]' * 1e-7; %Pulse delay time (100nS)
tc = gmonopuls ('cutoff',fc); %width of each
t = 0 : 1/fs : 3000*tc; %signal evaluation time

%this is where we actually generate the pulse train
yp = pulstran (t,D,'gmonopuls',fc);

xlabel ('Time in nanoseconds'); wish you good luck,

--- d_naidu <> wrote:
> Hi guys !!
> IS anyone working on UWB.ACtually I need to generate
> these pulses.Through MATLAB I found out that there
> are gmonopuls inbuilt functions to generate these
> pulses.But is anyone familiar with any other
> functions so that I can replace it with the inbuilt
> functions.Basically I need to generate 4 Gaussian
> Monopulses.
> Thanks in advance,
> Divya >