Image Registration..

Started by karthikkalathi June 25, 2004
Hai everybody,
I am trying to register two color images(one is the
reference and the other is the rotated as well as
shifted and scaled) using Log polar transform.Here is
the algorithm:

I first converted the color to gray scale image
Then applied fourier transform to both images
Took the magnitude and applied log polar transform
Used cross correlation to match images
When i checked for the correlation i am getting the
peaks(after inverse fourier transform) but i am not
getting the (log r,theta) coordinates properly,that is
i am getting the same values for all kinds of
Please tell me whether i am moving in the right
direction and also tell me what should be done to
calculate the rotation as well as shift... I would be grateful to
you if you could help me in
this matter....I am trying out this in Matlab....It's kinda urgent

Thanking you and waiting for your reply eagerly,