simulink, code composer, embedded matlab function, audio processing, C6711 DSK

Started by jakobashtar May 16, 2005
Hello everybody

I plan to implement a noise suppression algorithm on C6711 DSK by
translating/porting a simulink model into source code in Code
Composer Studio.

I have started out with a very simple model in Simulink (matlab v7),
which you can see here:


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As you can see I have put an embedded matlab function between the
block that acquires samples and the block that plays the processed
samples. The embedded matlab function will do all the signal
processing. At this point the function just passes on the
samples...that is y=u where u is the input to the embedded function
and y is the output of the embedded function.However, it does not
work - and I don't understand why. I get the following error message:

"Embedded MATLAB Interface Error: Cannot propagate frame data from
output port 1 of 'untitled/Embedded MATLAB Function/u' to input port
1 of 'untitled/Embedded MATLAB Function/ SFunction ' because this
input port expects non-frame data; consider inserting an Unbuffer"

Does this mean that I can't place my signal processing algorithm as
an embedded matlab function?

Thanks in advance...