OFDM Simulation

Started by sundar janaa October 12, 2005
Dear all,
I have some problems regarding the simulation of OFDM
Chain to obtain the BER curve...Pls help me ..it is
very urgent. Great helps are appreciated.
1). Noise Variance & Zero Padding...- in my
understanding , we have to normalize the tranmited
bits not the symbol when plotting the BER vs EbNo
curve. Is that right?. After qpsk modulation ..we have
to do the zero padding ..this will affect the energy
of the OFDM symbol.Do we have to take this into
account , when we calculate the noise variance?. Again
the same problem with the guard interval insertion.
pls explain me the answer?
2). about the channel values of the turbo decoder.
what is the SNR value we have to use to calculate the
channel reliability values of the turbo decoder.

Thanks in advance.