Zero padding problem in Simulink

Started by vcteo November 17, 2005
I have some questions regarding implementing OFDM in Simulink...

I'm using BPSK, thus my output after BPSK would be a complex number.
I've splited up the real (16 samples) and imag (16 samples) numbers
into 2 matrices.

I plan to use IFFT with 64 samples. Except for the DC (sample 1),
Nyquist center frequency (sample 32) and the real (13~31) and imag
(33~48) samples at both sides of the Nyquist center, i want to pad it
with zeros.

However, the zero pad block only allows me to pad either from the
beginning or from the end.

How do i pad between selected rows, ie rows 2~12 and 49~64?

This is the image of my OFDM transmitter in Simulink