A wavelet related question

Started by syavash jafari May 31, 2006
I want to build a new wavelet with data that is in array form (for example : ).
Discussion : Maybe, we use wavemngr matlab command to build any new wavelet family other than wavelet families that are in wavelet toolbox.

% I write in matlab editor :
wavemngr('add','stsia','wstr',4,'','strwavf',[-1 1]) ;
y = cwt(wh,1:20,'wstr') ;

% strwavf a function in this form :
function wstr = strwavf(ww)
[psi,xval,nc] = pat2cwav(ww','polynomial',6,'continuous') ;
wstr = nc*psi ;

When I run this m-code an error occur in matlab.
Is it possible to help me? Please explain me in detail or announce me a internet site.

With best.
Siavash jafari