Passing parameters in C-mex

Started by Szakacs Tamas June 8, 2006

Here is an other s-function question.

I have a s-function for animation purpose. It has no output, only inputs
snd drasw lines. It makes a lot of
coordinate-rotations, and has also loop. For speeding the simlulation up I
thought I would compile it to c.

I have two problems: One is that starting the simulation an error message
inform that the output must be a real vector of 0 elements!

The other is that in m s-funtion I pass a parameter woth 0.05 value,
indicating that the animation should refresh in every 0.05 sec. simulation
time. The manual says:

"Note The MATLAB Compiler -S option does not support the passing of
parameters that is normally available with Simulink S-functions."

So how can I pass parameters in c s-function?