OFDM simulation

Started by hiren_b_parmar July 30, 2006
Hello friends,

I am new in this group and i am happy to be a part of the group of
intelligent people. I am doing my MSC in Communication engineering in
U.K. My final project is " Software simulation on OFDM in Fixed
Broadband Wireless System". I just want some guidance about using
MATLAB in OFDM. I just want to know what exacly i shold do to simulate
OFDM means i shold make a block set including modulation, coding,
channel blocks or i should write a code to implement OFDM and what
output will i get when i simulate this. I am not asking for any code
so please spare some minutes for me and help me, I will be very
greatful to you.

Thanks in advance.

If you have full knowledge about this topic then i am ready to give
some reward for your help.

I have faced a problem with the matlab compiled code which I have beemn
to debug but still I am not able to understand the wierd behavior.

I had a code like the following

var = scalar * (x + i*y).';

where x and y are matrix of same size and "scalar" is a scalar constant.

This code is in a function which is called in a loop.

On compilig this code code when I run the executable it creates a memory

leakage and the executable crashes due to memory allocation issue.

Then I modifies it to
var = scalar .* (x + i*y).';

With this the memory problem with the executable got solved.

Then I looked into the generated c file corresponding to this code

var = scalar * (x + i*y).';

mclVv(scalar, "scalar"),
mclVv(x, "x"),
mclMtimes(_mxarray14_, mclVv(y, "y"))),

var = scalar .* (x + i*y).';

mclVv(scalar, "scalar"),
mclVv(x, "x"),
mclMtimes(_mxarray14_, mclVv(y, "y"))))));

Any idea on this wierd bahavior of the compiled code.