Modifying the Max step size in function of the time in Simulink

Started by my_username1 March 12, 2007
Hi, I am trying to run a Simulink electrical simulation that requires
very high precision at certain times during the simulation. The
problem is not to set the precision at high level, this can be done
easily by changing the Max step size to a very low value. (I have
found the value that is required for my simulation.) But by doing
this, a memory problem appears, I need to simulate for a certain time
and the amount of data generated is too high for my computer. Is it
possible to change the Max step size during the simulation So that
Matlab doesn't need to calculate every point where it is not required?
I tried to solve my memory problem by using the relative tolerance and
not the Max step size but the given results are not acceptable.

Thanks for your help.