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Started by March 31, 2009
Hi tarang ..
i need a bit more elaboration on colored noise ..
can u please give a small code which can generate colored noise ??
thanx in advance


Can anybody elaborate on this.if h(t) is the impulse response of the filter I have to send white Gaussian noise to it,in continuous domain .In matlab simulation I have to generate a vector of Gaussian random variables using randn and convolve it with the discrete filter coefficents and use each element of the output vector as one time instant value.Is it correct
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>> Hi Chowdary,
>> Colored noise can be generated in matlab .. by first generating white noise using randn function and then passing it thru a filter.� Filter u can design using REMEZ or FIR1 function .� Cutoff frequency will determine how much 'colored'� the noise is ..
>> Hope this helps.
>> Tarang
>> On Fri, 07 May 2004 Chowdary wrote :
>> > Hi all,
>> > � Cany any one tell me how to generate a colored noise in Matlab?
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