help for ZOH block

Started by Santanu Sarma July 9, 2002
Can any one help with simulik zero order hold (zoh) block.
I want the sampling time in the zoh block as a varying input during
simulation run. My sampling time of the zoh block is changing and i want
to hold the input signal for that varying hold time (Sampling time
parameter in the zoh block).

Any help is sincerely acknowledged.


Hi Santanu,
This reply is regarding hte ZOH block question

You can use the 'Sample & Hold' block in the DSP
blockset of simulink for this purpose (Signal
Operation). You have to give a trigger to the sample
and hold using clock with varing time intervals. A
clock with varing time interval can be generated in
many ways.. simple way is to have a switch and two
separate clocks (pulse generator).

If you dont have the DSP blockset. You can simply
use, the 'Triggered subsystem' block. This is unber
'Subsystem' in main simulink library. Again the
trigger to the block is your pulse of required time

Hope this helps,
Bhaskar =====
Graduate Research Assistant
ITTC, University of Kansas,