How do I allocate EX memmory in the flash target model.

Started by embeddeddes August 5, 2003
I am presently developing a program for the DSP56F805EVM using
Codewarrior 5.1 with the Motorola embedded SDK. The final project
requires that the program be stored in internal flash memory. I am
therefore using the FLASH target when sending my code to the EVM.
My major concern right now is that the 805 has only 2K of data ram
and my program will need to allocate more than this limit. When I
set the target to external memory, I have roughly 49 K-Words of data
memory located on the external bus. By looking at the linker
command files for each target, I see that the external memory
configuration sets the (mode = 3) and the (EX = 0), while the
internal memory configuration set the (mode = A0) and the (EX = 0).
I believe that I need a third configuration that allows me to
allocate external memory. I am unsure of how this works and any
help or information would be appreciated.