setup SPI [DSP56803]

Started by Olamide... November 8, 2003

Please i need help with SPI set up. I am grounding my SS pin
(because DSP is a slave to a ST10 Micro MCU), but i am still getting

The MCU currently sends me test data a 100 times, but i keep getting
errors. I wrote error to check MODF and OVRF, and they both get set
immediately the first message is sent. How do i solve this.

I will need to get this data at a very fast rate and it will have to
be correct because it will be an audio signal... the dsp will be
filtering an audio signal that the MCU samples and sends thru SPI to

Please let me know if you can set up the SPI

void InitSPI(void)
/* set SPSCR to 0x022f or [0000 0010 0010 1111] */
SPSCR = SPE; //enable SPE
SPSCR |= 0x022d;
SPDSR = 0x000f; //set to recieve 16 bits (size reg)