JTAG scan chain and remote debug

Started by Corey, Rick March 16, 2004
Hi All

Does CodeWarrior 6.0 IDE debug multiple DSPs (i.e. on a JTAG scan chain)?
Would that involve a plug-in option or other separately purchased module? I
understand that it would debug at most one chip at a time.

Further, is the TCP/IP remote debug capability an extra-price option?

We're looking into the idea of building remote debug capability into an
instrument with 45 DSP56F8357s. We found a JTAG-multiplexer chip, but don't
understand what Metrowerks-CW options exist.

Has anyone either made use of remote debugging or a JTAG scan chain with CW
and Motorola DSPs, e.g. 5683xx or 56800E chips? Or has anyone tried and
failed and learned thereby?

Rick Corey
Senior Software Engineer
DPC Instrument Systems Division