GCC for dsp56800 - release 0.1

Started by Jan Zizka April 25, 2004

it took some time, but after all I have managed to finish initial port to
GCC (3.3.2) for dsp56800. It is base on work done by Dan McCabe, who started
with adapting port to 56156 by Andrew Sterian. This release is rather limited
but more is comming. It compiles simple C programs and generates correct ELF
object file. You can get the port from pages of the project:

Check also the release notes and projects home web pages:

where are instructions how to apply the patch and how to configure/compile/
install it.

I have not tried any generated ELF file on real target yet. There are
some know issues, which prevents that at the moment. But you might be
interested in generated code etc.

Any feedback is really welcome!


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