56f80x interrupt/pipeline problem?

Started by bergy50us October 19, 2004

I'm running a round robin multitasker on a 56F801.
Interrupts are heavily used, but not for task switching.
When I go to change the stack pointer (SP) I find that I must lock out
interrupts around the following:

move x:(r3),sp
move x:(sp)-,r1
move x:(sp)-,r2
move x:(r1)+,b

where r3 contains the address of a different task's saved stack pointer.
r1, r2, and b need to be preserved across task switching (r1 is used
as a data stack pointer, r2 must be preserved, and b is the top
element of the data stack that r1 points to)

Adding a bfset #$200,sr and replacing the rts with an rti (to allow
the pulling of the stacked status, therefore restoring the state of
the interrupt mask) fixes this. eg:

bfset #$200,sr
move x:(r3),sp
move x:(sp)-,r1
move x:(sp)-,r2
move x:(r1)+,b

Also running the code with interrupts enabled but not occuring also
fixes the problem.
Only if I change sp with interrupts allowed and occuring does this
code fail. I am assuming that the other 3 move instructions are not
the problem though.
I expect this is a problem with the chip's pipelining. I have not
been able to find anything on-line, in the manuals, in the on-line ap
notes or errata, or in this group.

Any thoughts? What am I missing?