DSP56807, CW6.1 stack problem

Started by t_karin1 October 26, 2004

I am working on DSP56807, with SDK2.5 with uCOS-II RTOS. till now I
was working with CW5.1 and everything was great.
However I recently switched to CW6.1 and since then I can not see the
Stack window properly, instead of showing me the order of the
function calls, it shows me garbage, either interrupts call
(like "configInterruptVector" function) or some unknown addresses
0x000ff78 or different addresses, or is just show me functions that I
have no clue how they appear there since it isn't part of the normal
function calls, and the function I am debugging definitely didn't
reach them before starting to run. I also can not use the
button "Step Out" since it doesn't know which function called the
current function and to what function to return to.
How can I solve this bug? without it, it is almost impossible to
debug code in CW6.1

Thanks Tomer