PWM ADC SYNC with Assembly language

Started by christian_11_3_1977 February 15, 2005

Hi everybody, I'm Italian student and I'm a new user of Motorola DSP
56805EVB. I have to synchronize PWM with ADC, and I've seen, on the
Motorola manual, that TIMER C #2 must be set with "One Shot Mode"
Counting Mode.
It's all OK, except for the ADC Conversion: I want a "Once
Simultaneous" Scan Mode only for 0,1,4,5 channel and then I would use
ADC results into an Interrupt subroutine called by "End Of Scan
Interrupt", but seems that ADC don't work properly...

I've set ADC registers as reported:

ADCA_ADCR1 = #$1801
ADCA_ADCR2 = #$0003
ADCA_ADLST1 = #$3210
ADCA_ADLST2 = #$7654

Could anybody help me ?

Thank you anywhere
Christian Bondani