When I set a breakpoint...

Started by Hardeep May 16, 2005

I am using the DSP56858 with CW v.7 (and processor expert). When I set
a breakpoint in my program, does the processor stop running as well?
Do the perpherials stop running? I am a bit confused about the results
that I am obtaining when I am stepping through my program.

I am using the ESSI with DMA. I have a chunk of memory that stores the
predefined TRANSMIT data and one that stores the RECEIVED data. Using
DMA, my program sends the TRANSMIT data and then receives the RECEIVED
data. I want to see what happens on the very first transmit and
receive, however, on my oscilloscope I am only able to see on of
transmitted or received words. I don't think I understand what exactly
happens to the program and processor when setting a break point.