563xx: How to generate P/Y/X memory occupation separately from .abs/cls tasking output

Started by November 11, 2005
Hi to all,
I'm a beginner in DSP programming. I need to have separately P/X/Y image of my 56300 derivative application because it does not fit the internal Pram dimension and I want to rearrange it using also an external SRAM. To do this I'm developping a serial bootloader to parse P/X/Y image and

Dear Domenico,

> Hi to all, I'm a beginner in (...)

Have a look at the 'bootrom' example. This example extends
the onchip bootloader with an additional step that loads
constant X, Y and/or L data into their designated spaces
the advantage being that you do not need supporting copy
sections in P space. Instead they are directly booted from
your bootimage. We also have an application note that
explains the history of the 'bootrom' example. You'll find
it at the following URL:

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