Production Programing in ICT: JTAG?

Started by bmbmz123 December 12, 2005

I'm preparing for production line of boards with DSPF826/7, aroung 2K
boards of each device.

The boards are tested with ICT - bed of nails.
I want to program the FLASH on board, using the ICT.
There are two (2) sw in each device: the bootloader and the

I think the simple way will be to use the JTAG interface, as it is a
standard interface for ICT machines.

But, I don't know how to do this: how to produce the files for a
universal JTAG prgrammer, and how to combine the two sw together for
one file for the programmer.

Or, maybe the ICT is supposed to be configured specifically for these

During develpment stages we used the flash_over_jtag application for
bootloader and serial for application, but this method is costly and
time consuming.

Any suggestions from the group?
How did you transfer from the development stage to production?

Thank you for your time,