56F8013 and flash_over_jtag

Started by Gentcho Nikolov February 13, 2006
Hello group,

I use 56F8013 and CodeWarrior 56800/E  7.2    
Flashing is from Development environment.
I need to flash 56F8013 with ready .S files using
simple program like flash_over_jtag.exe. I have
downloaded it from Motorola. Following instructions i
have prepared .S records files in CodeWarrior. There
is only one problem - flash_over_jtag.exe was build
in 2003, so there are configuration files for 56F801,
56F803, but no configuration file for 56F8013 - 
flash8013.cfg for example.
I will try to adapt some of them for 56F8013, but if
somebody could help ...
(56F8013 has unified Data/Program RAM and i'm affraid
that description in .cfg file will be little bit

Or if somebody has more experience, could propose me
better program/way for flash programming over JTAG for

Thanks in advance,