FlexCan Problems ID_low register changes value unwwanted

Started by drexlmeier June 17, 2006
Hi everybody,

im using the FlexCan Module from 56f8345 Processor and it works under
normal conditions fine, but somtimes some ID_low register changes its
value(0x5b14) in an unpropper way i.e. it not fit my former
Acceptance mask(0xFFEFFE0E) and ID(0x00180124).
We can generate the error by transmitting as much messages as
possible to the DSP (i.e. we are running at 125kb and sending about
every 1 ms a canmessage.

Meanwhile i exculded every transmitting of messages in the dsp so the
only changed register of my MBs is the control_code register which
is set to 0 in the RX_interrupt and to set to active emty when the
task copied the data out of the MB.

No BusOff or BusError flags are set.
Did any body have similar behavior and help me what to do?

Thanks in advance Yves