56F8322 programming

Started by rajjj January 15, 2007
Dear forum members,

I'm new to DSP programming. I'm unable to program my DSP processor,
and posting this message after extensive (i hope!) search in the
internet. But, I could not get an answer. Please help.

Currently, I'm designing a prototype DSP board for my hobby project.
It has the following components:
1. 56F8322 DSP processor.
2. Two 0.1uF capacitors for filtering 3.3v power lines.
3. 8MHz crystal.
4. A 10uF capacitor and 1.5K resistor for power-on-reset logic.
5. JTAG connector (uses 4 signals from DSP processor - TDI, TDO, TCK,

I'm using the JTAG converter circuit shown in the DSP56858EVM User's
manual (Figure A-7). I'm not using the P_RESET, J_RST, /TRST signals.
The resistors I'm using are 230ohms (instead of 270ohms) and 33ohms
(instead of 51ohms).

1. I'm using the flash configuration file 568322_flash.cfg that was
present in the codewarrior installation directory.
2. A test S-Record file generated by codewarrior (Sort By Address, Max
Record Length : 80, EOL character : DOS).
3. The tool flash_over_jtag_v2.exe uses the configuration file and S-
record file for programming.

When I run the flashing tool, I get one of the following errors
1. HFM CLK divisor already set and contains incorrect value (0x7f)
2. Unable to set HFM CLK divisor.
3. Target chip refused to enter Debug mode!
4. CRC mismatch errors....... ETC.

I would have tried programming the IC 100 times today, but after every
power on, it gives different errors (one among the four listed above).

What could be wrong in my circuit? Is the JTAG converter not working
properly? The programmer is able to identify the Device ID and the
JTAG chain but refuses to proceed further. Please help.

Thanks in advance.