CCS: Cable disconneted, codewarrior and dsp56858evm

Started by craxy_m February 21, 2007
We have been trying to connect the dsp56858evm to the computer using
codewarrioir via a parallel port cable. We are continuously receiving
the following error:

CCS: Cable disconneted.

We tried configuring the CCS to 0x378 instead of lpt1 as advised by
someone, but that resulted in another error:

CCS: Uknown protocol

CCS: Invalid parameter

The parallel port of the computer is configured in the ECP mode and
plug and play has been checked.

We are using codewarrior V.7

Any help would be much appreciated.
I had this problem like you in the past. I think Freescale added the utility "Parrallel port init" to the CodeWarrior 7.3 and greater. This utility is added to the Windows startup menu and it initializes LPT port at the Windows startup. Try to use CW 7.3 or greater. I recommended to use 8.0 if possible.