Help with Interrupts witin SDK

Started by mwmann_at_motorola September 6, 2002
** Help with Interrupts **
Exercise 3c has been created. It is available on the 56800 FAQs. In
the future it will be included in the next version of the Training
CD. For now, log on to
kbase=dsp&prod_defaultV800 and search using the keywords "Exercise

In Exercise 3c we will discuss the details of how SDK supports
interrupts. You will learn how to determine the configuration of ISRs
in your project's interrupt vector table as well as how to debug
interrupt service routines (ISRs).

The Embedded SDK does not implement the interrupt vector table as a
table, but rather uses #define tokens in the appconfig.h. Is there a
way to build a table of the interrupt service routines (ISRs)
installed in a project? What about the priority level used for each

I am getting unhandled interrupts while debugging my code. Is there a
way of determining which interrupts are firing?