TTCAN for DSP56F807

Started by belightednow October 15, 2002
I want to use the MSCAN Module of the DSP56807 for a hart real-time
application with periodic transmission of messages in a fix time
slot. The automatic retransmission of messages produce an undesired
delay in time. Therefore I want to know if it is possible to suppress
this procedure in the MSCAN.
Referring to the specification for Time-Triggered CAN (TTCAN) of
Robert Bosch, automatic retransmission is not allowed and is to be
disabled for exclusive time windows. But how can I deactivate the
retransmission of CAN messages for timeliness garantees ? Are there
maybe other possibilities in order to achieve the same ?

In addition it would be helpful to know the maximum time duration from
request for an abort of a message in progress until the abortion is
done and

A lot of thanks to all which can help me in this matter.